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Welcome to the Training Space Ltd.

Firstly, ask yourself this – why is it you’re looking to join a new gym?
If you’re looking to achieve any of the below goals you’ve come to the right place:

Be healthier • Be fitter • Increase strength • Have more energy • To look great naked • Get “toned” • Lose/ increase weight • Improve performance • Be yourself • ALL of the above

We have two predominant aims; to help you achieve your goals and to teach you to work with your body and not against it
Our programming has been tried, tested and known for yielding excellent results thanks to a blend of numerous fitness principles.
We will help you find what works for your body and teach you to challenge yourself to improve your health and ability to perform!
Forget all the rules you’ve heard and make your own! Be creative and do what works for your body, with our support and guidance.

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