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Turf Games

What is it?

The 9th of June is looming. The Active Man is finally upon is. 

Turf Games is proudly presenting a fitness competition for all those crazy enough to enjoy getting extremely sweaty. Oh and guess what team, we fall into that category of people.

The cons of partaking in such a day are ultimately few. Aside from a very ripe washing load to attend to after the event, there’s plenty to get excited about. The immersive competition offers a jam-packed day of teamwork, running, slamming, throwing, jumping etc. If you love fitness (no matter your current level), and are competitive then you’ll have a whale of a time!

Will I die?

Probably… (Joking)

At some point during the day you may stop and question, “ Do I actually want to do this?” with obstacles so formidable you’ll question your sanity. However the camaraderie will push you through each hurdle. 

(Side note: the best part about helping your teammates through a fitness competition is having an adrenaline fuelled bunch of friends to help you party after).

What to expect?

You may have noticed that the exercises in all our classes appear to be random. Sure a Turkish get-up is awkward, perhaps wall balls give you more pain then pleasure, and that bloody assault bike is obviously your punishment for neglecting your cardiovascular fitness for so long. 

But what if I told you that was all about to pay off? You’ve unknowingly been training for this for a while!

The different movements we do at Training Space + some spectacular teammates + DJ + competition = what to expect on the day. 

Just so you’re aware the day will predominantly consist of the fun movement stuff, Olympic lifting and gymnastics won’t be included. Any weights that are involved can also be scaled so don’t be too nervous, just have a great day.

Any additional training advice?

If this was a “normal gym”, the advice would be to not make the mistake of assuming a regular running or lifting routine is enough to get you over the finish line. HOWEVER… Training Space is no “normal gym”, you’re all athletes with a great attitude and a willingness to get your butts kicked in good spirit. So keep training as you have been, ensure your workouts focus on all muscle groups and

Get excited.

Finally, for all those who took part in the qualifiers – a huge well done. Roll on the 9th!

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