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Tough Mudder – Take 2

The road to survival can be tough – that is if you’re a normal gym go-er. But no one that attends Training Space can be considered anything less than an athlete.

Seeing as our first team Tough Mudder went so smoothly, we decided to get muddy all over again. This time round the course will be on July 7th, it will be 5 miles long and consist of 13 obstacles. So mark your diary, tell all your friends to come support, and bring some energising snacks it’s going to be a good one!

As usual, don’t be too concerned about the training and how to go about it – that’s our job. You’ll probably find there are some tough and awkward new movements being thrown into our programming but that’s simply to get you into gear for the delightful obstacles to come. If you are however looking for a little more guidance then you could also take a look at Tough Mudders official website, whereby there is a downloadable training plan that you might find of interest.

The dress code is a pretty important subject to address, and we hope you all remember to dress for the occasion; suits and prom dresses are of course a must…just kidding. Make sure to choose clothing that is form fitting but breathable, so if and when you get wet they’re not going to get heavy and hold you back. It looks like we’re in for a scorcher too, perhaps consider a cap and make sure to be well fed and watered – sounds self explanatory yet both are often overlooked. One final thing…on behalf of everyone’s mums, don’t forget your sun cream either (we only nag because we care).

If you’re not keen on getting muddy but still want to support, there are still many options for you to participate. As always, the more the merrier as we’re always excited to have supporting cheerleaders along for the ride!

Being a part of this epic day has so much to offer, which is why we insist on continuously partaking in its muddy delights. We also love all that Tough Mudder stands for, the lessons learned throughout the day are all ones which we promote within TS which once again highlights why we keep going back for more – and also because it’s pretty darn fun.

So for those that are about to give this a second attempt as part of the TS team give yourselves a pat on the back, for the first-timers you really should be giving yourselves a pat on the pack right about not too, and for those just considering it – yeah you guessed it, give yourself a swift pat on the back. Partaking in this event offers many lessons, from understanding that the key to everything is having a positive mind-set, to the importance of teamwork and supporting your fellow Mudders.

Looking forward to getting muddy with you all again. Bring on those messy miles! Oh and if you were looking for some additional motivation, there’s some fashionable ‘finisher headbands’ that we can wear together whilst sinking our ‘finisher ciders’. It’s a win, win situation really!

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