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Training Space turns 1

Happy birthday Training Space! 

It’s our first birthday – and what better way to celebrate than with a BIG, no scrap that, the BIGGEST workout!

It’s been one hell of a year – you may remember those first few posts on Instagram of an empty shell of a unit, an occasional bro-workout and the odd bit of scaffolding. One year later, add a load of really cool members, some pretty great equipment and of course where would we be without an epic playlist… throw all that in a mixing bowl and you’ve got Training Space.

It really has been a whirlwind, and I’m sure you can all agree that this jam-packed unit we’ve come to know and love, has turned into a well loved space. It truly has exceeded expectations! But then again, so has every single one of you… This event to celebrate our first birthday is just as much about the brand we’ve created, as is about every single member. It wouldn’t be the epic space that it is without each and every motivated human that graces TS with their presence, and for that we’re incredible grateful. Obviously a special mention to our dedicated and hardworking trainers is essential too, without your energy and support none of this would be possible!

So yeah, let’s celebrate. Who’s up for a gruesome workout and some tasty recovery fuel to recover?

So we’re christening this workout, a particularly tough one. Get ready for ‘THE WORKOUT OF THE YEAR’, yeah you heard. This workout will be like no other. Oh so you’ve tried ‘SWEAT’ and ‘LIFT’? Big deal…this is a combination of the two, and so much more! Because hey…friends that lift sweat and get DOMS together – stay together (or something along those lines right?).

Prepare yourself for the announcement of the workout; we’re really excited to share this one. Get those notification alerts set up so you can ensure you’re well informed. This isn’t one you’re going to want to miss.

Of course, Fig & Rye are once again invited to the party too. Who doesn’t love a vegan treat, and if you came to the last event then you’re well aware of the party in your mouth that they magically bring to the table every damn time! SUCH culinary talent.

Don’t forget to sign up and bag yourself a space in the workout via teamup, bring some water and of course pennies will be required for afore-mentioned mouth-watering treats.

Basically just have a great time, enjoy the atmosphere and celebrate with us. We’re ecstatic that you’re all a part of our team and simply cannot wait to celebrate our number one on the first with you all. Thank you to everyone, see you on Saturday! 

– Danny ☺

(Oh yes, and for all those not wanting to participate in the workout itself feel free to still come and support both the workout and the eating portion of the day – all support and company is very much welcome.)

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