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New Year, New You?

Congratulations on surviving Christmas – but now you’ve got to witness all the ‘New Year, New Me’ jargon.

New Years resolutions aren’t something we would normally promote, as they are generally unattainable and are a quick fix idea created in the confused alcohol and pudding haze after Christmas.

Creating/ changing habits is HARD; life gets in the way, your mum buys one too many digestives, you get invited to a party and you don’t want to be the only sober Sally in the room, you’re too tired to go to the gym after a long week at work, spending less time watching TV is impossible when a new ‘Orange Is the New Black’ season has been released. WE GET IT! But we also want to help you create achievable resolutions. We want to show you that sustainable goals can be created if you know how to go about doing so…. Queue the wisdom:

To start, you could consider writing down all you want to achieve, both long and short-term goals. By using a tool like SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Limited) you may even find that it’s easier to set and meet your desired ambition. Goals should be tuff yet unattainable and SMART would help to avoid being an idealist and construct realistic goals.

Another great tip is to avoid having an ‘all or nothing’ mentality – something we’ve all been guilty of at one stage or another. This can however lead to a very unhealthy mindset if steers you a little off track. You shoudn’t aim to be perfect, but to continiously learn from your daily efforts in order to keep improving tomorrow. Make room for setbacks. Life can get in the way, simply adjust, learn and grow.

Here at Training Space, we’re firm believers that exercise is awesome therapy. However if the gym isn’t an environment you love then simply find another stress outlet and make sure you use it! Mental health is something that isn’t given its due respect.  When life seems like it’s spiralling out of control, focusing on that stress outlet can help relieve some anxiety and get back on track with your resolutions. – If you’re someone that suffers with mental health then please also make sure to get help from a professional.

The previous tip links nicely here… Accept all the support you’re offered. Don’t let your ego stand in the way of progress. Even the most confident and talented person can sometimes do with a helping hand.

Finally, be proud of who you are and what you’ve achieved. The New Year shouldn’t mean a new you, but instead a happier you. Celebrate what you have achieved and simply hone in on these accomplishments in your current resolutions. Any progress is positive.

Oh – and this may surprise you seeing as we’re a gym but you’re New Years resolutions don’t have to be weight loss related.  Just because magazines are currenly filled with articles explaining how to be shredded, doesn’t mean you should take any notice. Being strong both physically and mentally and creating resolutions that align with this (even ones that aren’t gym related, shock horror) should be the goal– NOT having the body of your favourite fitspo!

Good luck creating sustainable resolutions, we hope the New Year allows you to continue to be the best you.

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