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INTRO – Develop the mind-set of a champion. Challenge your muscles and mental strength whilst building confidence and co-ordination.

Ready to watch the space transform from gym to fight club for an intense 45 minutes? Whether you crave learning to throw a signature Rocky hook, working off some steam or learning to develop proper boxing techniques, this is perfect for you.

Don’t expect a run of the mill group boxing class. This is Intimate; you’ve got our full attention. We want you to learn the basics; footwork, co-ordination, breathing, mobility, agility – the list goes on. But the most important of them all is attitude. isn’t about looking “cool”; it’s about being powerful. You don’t need the newest trainers, but you do need to be ready and willing to develop a new skill.

The workout is tough but will no doubt get you in fighting shape. Boxing is so much more than throwing a punch; you will require superhuman reflexes and vast levels of brawn. However with our expert programming all of this is very much within all 82-inches of AJ’s reach.

The 45 minutes will consist of elements of both high intensity and skill based training to torch fat and improve strength. Every punch necessitates precision and power. Combining proper technique with these explosive and repetitive movements will have mammoth effects on body composition and fitness levels. Ultimately creating a stronger, more chiselled and therefore more confident version of you.

Learn something new, utilise every muscle group, and train like an athlete. You have the opportunity to follow professional training techniques whilst being taught by an industry professional/ boxing prodigy/ 2018’s miyagi so grab it with both gloves!

All abilities are encouraged to get involved. Throw yourself in at the deep end for just 45 minutes of niche boxing training. You’ll learn to love the numerous combinations and intricate footwork (if only because they’ll distract you from all the huffing and puffing). Sign up today!

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