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What’s that, you’re looking to try something new in the gym? Oh, and you mentioned you wanted to work on your strength without damaging your stamina? Don’t panic; this new class will even improve your coordination!

What is this revolutionary style of training that allows you to grow your muscles and confidence, we hear you ask…
Well let’s start by explaining that this is not actually a new discovery, it’s just that many seem to be misinformed about the benefits and criteria of Olympic weightlifting. Newsflash, it’s 2019 and you no longer have to wait till the Olympics to see or learn some Olympic lifts.

People seem to be fearful of learning how to Olympic lift incase they end up huge or injured. But it’s our job to tell you that you’re probably not going to end up with biceps bigger than your face and that it is no more dangerous than any other sport – especially with GOOD coaching and programming (that’s where we come in).
Trust us when we say this isn’t easy, it doesn’t always look pretty and there are days when it all goes wrong; but there’s is a light at the end of the tunnel…

One day something clicks, your body reacts, the bar follows the path that you’ve been willing it to and suddenly the barbell is over your head in that split jerk position that you’ve been dreaming of. There is method in the madness and the more practice you put it the better you’ll get!

There are predominantly two main lifts, a snatch and a clean and jerk. But with countless amounts of accessory work and numerous variations to these lifts, not only will you never get bored but you’ll also be surprised at the amount of discipline and personal confidence they instil! This is what we’re most passionate about; sure the speed, strength, flexibility, coordination and will power that accompany olympic lifting are all epic, but the personal confidence and general sense of badassery you’ll leave with will quite simply blow your mind.
Olympic lifting is exhausting, exiting, life changing and just pretty darn cool. So get down to Training Space today and get to work.

Side note: We’ve recently gained a new member to the team, and it’s due to his extensive skill and knowledge that we’ve able to now introduce Barbell. Lew is hands down one of the most talented coaches in the game, so you’d better get booking as there’s no doubt this class will fill up fast!

Session times are as follows:
Wednesday – 18:00 Sunday – 11:00

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