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Tough mudder

Tough mudder is obviously about the obstacles, the mud, pushing yourself, the mud, getting out of your comfort zone and a little more mud. But despite all that mud it’s predominantly about you and your team, and the way you allow camaraderie to inspire and challenge – but just to prewarn you, there’s probably going to be some mud.

The strength of a team brings vast power, and ‘Training Space’ is evidently a team that’s growing in might daily. We’re fairly new, and whilst you may not currently know the name of the person you deadlift in front during ‘Lift’, you’re about to get to know them VERY well! We want to promote confidence, and we believe that one of the best ways to do so is by ensuring everyone feels comfortable in our ever-growing community. Participating in tough mudder is going to help you discover that you’re now part of a fitness family that we do nothing but encourage, enthuse and motivate each other to be the best versions of ourselves…What’s that Bertie? You haven’t got tickets to participate? No matter, you can still join in with the training, supporting the event, wearing your cheerleading tutu for encouragement – we don’t judge, or even just giving a pat on the back to all those participating.

Now onto the nitty gritty and how to train for tough mudder; we are a gym after all. As you’re already a part of ‘Training Space’ it’s safe to say that training is already a way of your life, whereas for many getting to the gym is just an added extra to fit into a busy schedule. So in terms of mental capacity, you’ve already nailed it. However there’s still a little work to do if you’re planning on really crushing the course…

Being functional is key; you’ll be tackling uncooperative obstacles and it’s necessary to start training for them. Now we’re not telling you to build a mud pit, or to stick some barbed wire in your back garden but just to train for difficult and dynamic movements. We want you to be in a position whereby the weird and wonderful hurdles you face on the day will be new, but your body will be ready for absolutely anything!

The best training style to adopt into your regime is both circuit and strength style training. Squat, jump squat, lunge, burpee, press up, dumbbell thruster, box jump, pull up, deadlift – but wait I hear you all say, this sounds strangely familiar. YES TEAM, the training necessary is in fact just an emulation of the Lift, Sweat & Stretch classes we already have running. We’ve been getting you more functional for a while, and you didn’t even realise. That awkward ‘Turkish get-up’ you’ve been confused about, has been included in programming for a reason!

Train smart, run fast, and be prepared for that that warm fuzzy feeling you’ll get after conquering this muddy adventure with your gym buds. Whether you’re participating in the actual event or not, make sure you stick March 24th in your diaries and prepare for a day of fitness, solidarity and did we mention there’ll be mud?

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