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The Rise Of The Vegans

We’ve all noticed the clear uprise of vegans. I mean how could you miss an increase in over 360% in the past decade!

Now there are generally two types of people.

  1. Vegans
  2. People that make fun of vegans.

This blog attempts to educate and therefore we want to try and introduce a third to that list:

  1. Those who are willing and interested to learn about all things health and fitness and would as a result not make fun of the sole vegan at the table. (Really catchy bulletpoint right?!)

If you’ve read our previous blogs, or even had a gander at out homepage then you’ll know that here at Training Space we’re not fans of fitness fads. We are however head over heels when it comes to improving our understanding and knowledge of the body. It is this open-mindedness that has led us to analyse this drastic surge in vegans.

Our first step was to try to understand the hows and whys of veganism, and we’d like you to do the same …

The next time someone tells you that they’re vegan/vegetarian, instead of laughing at their choices perhaps ask them how they feel. Do they feel energetic and healthy? If the answer is yes, it probably has a lot to do with the amount of micronutrients they consume daily.

Think back to the last time your plate was piled high with greens. Can you even remember prioritising the vegetables on your plate? More likely that were you so keen on having the perfectly cooked steak that you neglected them completely!

‘I’d like to order an egg-white omlette with a protein shake please’

DUH – protein is a must. But it’s not the only macronutrient required to build muscle. Nor should you neglect other micronutrients! Come on guys let’s start thinking outside the box. You truly don’t have to live off chicken and protein shakes.

Unfortunately in the whirlwind of trying to look good and focusing on protein “gains”, we seem to have forgotten our health “gains”.  *Winces at use of the word gains*

Hi gut health. You’re important too. So why is it that we’ve learnt to neglect it so?

Eating a diet that includes more plant-based foods is a lot easier on your digestive system. So do it! Eat more fiber, make your gut happy, and eat some more veg.

Strangely enough there is also a common misconception that eating plant based foods will leave you unfuelled and unergetic for workouts however this couldn’t be further from the truth. Plants are easily digested and are packed full of nutrients to fuel your training well. There have even been members of the NBA who have switched to veganism and no one could accuse basketball of being a lazy game.

We live in a society whereby aesthetics seem to be the be all and end all. But if you look after your body and your insides, your body will be better equipt to look after you and ultimately achieve those sexy gains * winces again*.  So don’t necessarily give up the steak or burger you crave so badly – just be mindful of adopting a diet that includes more plant based foods and focus on vegetables as the main part of your meal.

If you’re a meat lover then by no means go cold turkey (if you’ll pardon the pun), perhaps just contemplate eating LIKE a vegan by increasing your fruit and veg intake. Try to remember that you can get adequate proteins from eating plants. The additional benefit being that you’ll simultaneously be filling up on all the other nutruents you forgot about when concentrating all your efforts on achieving as many gains as possible.

Lets take a leaf out of every vegan’s book (No apologies will be made for these fantastic puns), and just attempt to eat more whole and natural foods.

Yes looking good is cool, but surely feeling healthy is too! Don’t change your diet for instagram. Don’t change your diet to be cool and fit in with the collective. Adapt your diet because YOU feel READY to be the healthiest you. Veganism isn’t for everyone, and if you’re that someone that could never give up eating animal products then the answer is simple. Just eat like a vegan – that eats meat.

Oh and just a side note, everyone’s body is different and it’s worth figuring out what you want to achieve in the gym. Come and speak to us, or simply work out the appropriate amount of protein you need to consume to achieve your goals. You might even surprise yourself and find that you’re over/ under –eating protein and the increase in micronutrients could help push you closer to your dream body.


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