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Training Space will now be utilizing MYZONE heart rate technology to help you reach your full potential.

What is MYZONE you may ask?

A revolutionary piece of equipment for anyone from sporadic gym go-ers to devoted gym bunnies. It is effectively a fitness tracker worn as a belt around your sternum that provides numerous advantages.

Let’s start with the MZ-3 app.
The belt will be synced to the free MZ-3 app. This will provide you large amounts of personalised data including; calories burnt, heart rate and effort levels. You’ll also be able to see what your friends have been up to and if they’ve been working out with as much vigour as you. You can even track your food and general activity levels outside of the gym. Interested yet?

Humans need to be held accountable.
I don’t know if you’ve realised yet, but you’re human, and humans are very logical creatures. We need to know whether we are failing or succeeding. We like having measurable data and targets – hence why having the 10,000-step goal is so popular and works for so many!
Seeing you’re effort levels animated in bright colours next to those of your peers will encourage you to get that extra rep or even to give 10% more oomph to the workout.

An awesome community builder.
In an effortless attempt you’ll be part of a community. The App allows you to check up on your friends and use them as motivation. You’ll fight that little bit harder knowing that their points are creeping up on yours. MYZONE combines community with solid factual results – what’s not to love.

An effective coaching tool.
Not only will you be able to keep track of your effort levels, but we will also be able to see and decode all of the data offered. We’ll be able to determine where you’re trying hard and where you’re not trying quite hard enough, where your heart rate is and where your heart rate needs to be. Oh and have we even mentioned MEPS yet? These are MYZONE effort points that are awarded to you according to your efforts. Therefore we are able to focus on everyone’s individual needs and goals whilst maintaining a light-hearted and fun points system.

If you’re serious about improving your athleticism then this is the right step for you. If you care about results and reaching new heights with your goals then get down to Training Space and have a go using a MYZONE monitor; we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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