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How To Indulge Yet Not Overindulge This Christmas.

Christmas time, mistletoe and….burpees?

Now if you’ll just refrain from being horrified and hear us out. Newflash – just because it’s that special time of year, doesn’t mean life just stops and you can do/eat whatever you want.

Have fun. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy your family! You can even eat the food – it is Christmas after all! But here at Training Space we promote a lifestyle and not a quick fix.  We believe you should strive for balance not restriction. So go ahead and have the cake but make smart choices with food and exercise where necessary. You’re in this game for the longhaul so restricting or punishing yourself will make healthy living near impossible. Especially as being healthy is so much more than physical health, it is equally about mental health and an ‘everything in moderation’ mindset will help you stay on track.

Building a good relationship with food and exercise should help you continue to nourish your body over the holiday seasion and hopefully help you refrain from overindulging. However if you do happen to have a mincepie, and 7 more accidentally fall in your mouth then that’s no big deal. Just be a big girl/boy and get a swift workout in the next day. No biggie!

We’ve also put together a few holiday tips to help you indulge without overindulging:

  • Portion control

Now, we’ve all know that this is much easier said than done. Especially when mum reveals the golden yorkshire puddings and mouthwatering desserts that can only be described as art.  However if you try and fill up on lean meats and vegetables then when the desserts start being passed around you’ll be able to indulge without overdoing it, as you’ll already be full.

  • Get a workout in

Anything from a 30 minute HITT session, a home workout or even a brisk walk will be beneficial. A great tip is to involve your family members. Even an active game outside with your loved ones is a great opportunity for some bonding and to get rid of that sluggish feeling.

  • Try to eat like an adult

This is a harsh statement but if you’re reading this it is likely you’re not a 5 year old. So try not to eat like one but instead opt for whole foods alongside the Christmas treats.  However as mentionned earlier, if you’ve already got a good relationship with food and can eat treats in moderation then you’re already winning Christmas.

  • Prepare

Know what your weaknesses are and prepare your mind. So when you do indulge you’re not going to beat yourself up about it after. Equally if you’ve prepared yourself for said indulgences (oh hello sweet yorkshire puds) then understanding when these cravings will occur will help you plan sensible and healthy choices for before and after.

  • Learn to say no

Being given a platter of something doesn’t mean you have to take it. Saying no may be difficult, and on occasion can offend people but at the end of the day that’s their problem and not yours! Learn to say “no thank you” or “I’m full, maybe later”.

  • Stay hydrated

Drink all the water and pee all the time! (Who else has seen that meme?) Buts seriously, stay hydrated folks! Your body is a machine and water is an essential part of it’s functioning. Christmas food will increase your sodium and most probably alcohol levels so drink as much as possible.

  • Stay away from those scales

A couple of days away from your usual routine aren’t going to ruin your progress. Your bodyweight will likely yoyo, and there’s no use getting disheartened during this joyous time (Santa doesn’t want to see that).  Also try to bear in mind that weight doesn’t necessarily equate to bodyfat. Just pick yourself up, brush yourself down and make better choices tomorrow.

  • Confiscate Uncle Steve’s car keys.

We’ve all got that one uncle that will set up camp amongst the Christmas beverages. Just don’t let him drive home. (Not an overindulgence tip, just an extra little something from the Training Space family to your family because we care).

Christmas is about giving, not giving up on your goals! So we hope this blog helps deter you from eating so much homemade pudding that you turn into one!

Good luck – you are worth the effort, stay healthy!

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