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Get Primal With Your Fitness, Functional Training For The Win!

There are numerous reasons to want to work out such as wanting to look better on the beach, losing/ gaining weight, “toning” up (This is in inverted commas as it is just a buzz word and doesn’t actually mean a lot please feel free to ask for more information) , gaining muscle etc.
Lo and behold there’s a form of fitness that focuses on all of the above and also on teaching you how to move functionally and more effectively. It’s called ‘be better at life exercise’ – just kidding, hello ‘Functional Training’.

Functional Training is so diverse that if you want to live a healthy and mobile life then regardless of your fitness abilities, goals, injuries, it is a great option for you.

Why waste time with gimmicks when you can learn to train the way the body was designed to work. When you think about cavemen, how exactely would you descibe their movements?
Our primal ancestors moved smart. They didn’t move slowly for hours, instead their lifestyle was based on working hard when necessary in order to hunt, gather food and survive. Recreating these movements in a gym would include a plethora of short, high intensity, power, strength and plyometric movements. Can you see the relation to functional training?

We’ve all heard people bragging about anything from their heaviest lift to the incredibly fashionable kicks they’ve got on. But how about we focus on the more important stuff guys! Without mobility, core stability, endurance, posture, agility, cordination, (need I go on?) – none of the rest really matters.

The beauty of functional fitness is that it can be done anywhere, whlist we’d love to have you at Training Space, if time is limited then sure go ahead and get 20 minutes done in your living room.
A great example of a functional exercise is a squat as it utlises numerous muscles during the process of lowering and raising the body. Congratulations, not only will your strength increase right now but you will also continue to have enhanced mobility into your old age.

Functional training will generally focus on movements that use several joints and muscles. So instead of only using your shoulders, you may use your shoulders, elbows, hips, spine and knees. When using this type of training you’ll begin to excel not just in your training but also in everyday movements. What’s not to love about an improved quality of life?
After nailing the correct form, of course start to add weight and play around with reps and your goals etc but you’ll be able to do so with good and proper form.

Functional fitness is anectodal as quality of movement is so important. The medicine that is known as movement affects so many aspects of our lives including circulation, digestion and mental health.
This are all notably significant and should definitely not be overlooked but we understand that everyone wants to look their best too. Functional training is exceptional in this aspect also. Mobility and strength can only be improved by improving stability and changing aesthetically is a great bi-product of this.

During our metabolic conditioning sessions at Training Space we focus so heavily on form that it will prove some distraction from all that huffing and puffing. These compound movements will use multiple joints for a larger energy demand therefore resulting in more calories being torched.


The body will become better at whatever you do, or don’t do.
If you don’t move, your body will make you better at not moving.
If you move, your body will allow more movement.
-Ido Portal.


Whether your live to exercise or not, your quality of life should still be important to you. Making minor tweaks to form will make huge changes toward the eifcacy of your workout. Learn how to develop your muscles in order to perform daily tasks better such as playing with your kids or cautiously hanging those 17 carrier bags on your body (cos ain’t nobody got time for two trips from the car). We want to help ensure that you’re mechanical movements are correct so make sure to ask for help with any progressions/ regressions and find out what your body is truly capable of. Start training more functionally for a sexier, healthier and stronger body.


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