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Being ‘Bulky’ vs being ‘Functional’

Where has all this ‘lifting weights will make me bulky’ malarky come from!

Unfortunately many people are scared to pick up anything heavy in the gym for fear of looking like a meathead on steroids (I know you know exactly the look I’m talking about).

Hold onto your seats guys, here’s a minbblowing revelation for you …
You’re never going to pick up a dumbell and wake up with biceps like Arnie.
People don’t seem to realise the amount of planning and preparation it takes to “bulk up” – it’s by no means an accidental process!

If your aim is to gain size and strength then there is a calculated way to do so, however if you’re a new lifter with less drastic goals – then stop fearing the weights rack!
Lifting weights has a huge amount of benefits associated with it. But predominanty they are a great way to make your body strong and functional.

Doing the same workout with the same 3kg dumbell will only get you so far. Start mixing up your workouts and you’ll see huge progression.

Here at Training Space we of course want to help you achieve your goals and we are happy to adapt programming to help you achieve them, however our main focus is health.
Where some people say “bulky” we say “functional” – and we have created a training programme that reflects the way we thing you want to live. To be fit, to be agile, to be healthy – and if you become a piece of eye candy in the process, then who’s the real winner here!

Now to get on with busting the misconception that lifting heavy will make you bulky. WHAT ABSOLUTE CODSWALLOP!

Gaining mass doesn’t come as easy as you would think, lifting weights equally won’t automatically give you the body of a bodybuilder. It will however make you a strong and kick-ass version of yourself!

Here’s just a few reasons as to why it is so beneficial:

  • Something about lifting heavy gives you a huge confidence boost and makes you feel like you can achieve anything!
  • Your body will gain lean mass, which in turn burns a surprisingly large amount of calories. The increase in lean muscle mass will also help reduce the risk of Sarcopenia and therefore ensure you stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible.
  • Body fat takes up more space than muscle, so whilst the scales may not appear to be changing or perhaps they’re increasing – you’ll actually be getting smaller!
  • Lean muscle gain also promotes an increase in fat loss. This paired with a nutrition plan that’s on point can lead to great aesthetic results – hellooo all year round beach bod!

To conclude, lifting weights is astronomically beneficial and although it can be used to grow big muscles – this is only in combination with numerous other factors. Just remember to plan your nutrition to support your training schedule and to use good technique that will minimise any risk of injury – as the only garaunteed way to get “bulky” is by not excercising full stop!

Follow a fun and sustainable programme that supports your goals and enhances your life and you’ll look forward to training for years to come! Trust us, strength training is for everyone. Why don’t you sign up to one of our classes today…

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